Zalubeska’s Site of

Zaluveska’s Site of DOOOOOOOM

Just a place to keep random stuff I find around the web. Mostly Linux related.
Not sure if this is a resource or an eyesore but it works for me.

My Github [kind of empty]

GitHub - varies little things.

Some Projects [git]

Tron Script - Not linux but very good at fixing and nuking things in Windows 10
edex-ui - Very cool sci-fi interface thingy.
oh-my-zsh - I love zsh and this makes it even better.
Powerline Fonts - You’ll need these for oh-my-zsh
Gotop - Like htop but prettier imho.
Transfude - Great shell script to backup your KDE Plasma settings.

Creators worth checking out for Linux stuff [with git]

Chris Titus Tech Github - Some great resources to go along with his Youtube vids.
LearnLinuxTV | Git - Excellent install videos (looking at you Arch) and reviews.
Chris Were Digital - Great vids on a variety of Linux topics. Here’s his website, he doesn’t have a git that I know of.

This site was written in dillinger. It’s an awesome tool for using markdown to (X)HTML. I find it much easier to make a website like this.